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Gold Fever

July 3, 2012




Olympics inspired greeting card by Ananya


Olympics inspired greeting card by Ananya

As the commencement of the 2012 Summer Olympics approaches, there is a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation in the air. London is centre stage and the world will be watching.

With more than 205 nations participating, athletes will compete in 36 different sports and 300 events this year. Each athlete has dreamed of nothing but winning the gold medal. Every minute and every ounce of energy has been unrelentingly devoted to achieving that ultimate goal. Their steeled determination and one-pointed focus have brought them to this remarkable moment.

The five coloured rings on the Olympic flag representing the continents of America, Africa, Australasia, Asia and Europe were chosen because every nation represented at the Games had at least one of those colours in their flag. The Olympic spirit encourages nations to come together to compete, and gives the opportunity for each athlete to surpass their personal best.

Ananya’s values are very much aligned with the spirit of the Olympics. At Ananya, we constantly challenge ourselves to design stationery and greeting cards that are ‘without equal or unparalleled’.  We celebrate the diversity of cultures with our multicultural festival cards. Our passion for what we do makes us willing to work hard to achieve the best possible quality of work; and when a client loves the final result, it’s like winning a gold medal!

With the kick off date fast approaching, we have already begun to see Olympics-inspired products. People have really put their creative juices to work! Ananya’s own team have designed a UK printed range of cards called ‘Striking Gold’ so you, too, can feel part of this historic event.

Olympics inspired greeting card by Ananya

Here are a few of the Olympics-inspired products we found particularly imaginative: 2012 Team GB band from Links of London, a Going for Gold Cupcake Kit by Ella James, Gold Medallist Glasses Case by Retreat Home and a Torch Typographic Print by Ursula Hitz. There will certainly be more products that will be given an Olympics makeover…

Team GB Links of London bracelet

Cupcake making kit - Going for Gold

Gold medallist glasses case

Olympic Torch artwork

How will you be celebrating the Olympics?

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