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Eid gifts: Ananya’s top 5 ways to express your love and true appreciation

July 24, 2012
Swarovski, star, Eid

Star brooch by Swarovski

Macaroons, Bobo, Eid

Macaroons by Bobo

As Eid approaches on 19th August, our thoughts turn to gifts for our loved ones and friends. Gift giving is a widely practised custom at Eid. It is not only a reminder of shared beliefs and commitment to Islam, but also a way to strengthen the bond of love and kinship within the family and community. In that spirit, we offer you our suggestions of unusual and imaginative gifts.

1. The Gift of Time

More important and precious than money in today’s fast paced world is the gift of time itself; without the concerns and interruptions that rob us of the quality of attention we give to each other. Why not give your friend or loved one the gift of an hour or two, or a whole day of doing things you both love, even something as simple as cooking them a special meal and catching up, or going somewhere you’d always planned to, but ‘things’ always got in the way. How about driving to the country and going strawberry picking? The possibilities are only limited to your imagination, so start thinking! Send them one of our cards to tell them all about your gift of time – it will make them feel so special!

Eid, card, Eid Mubarak

Blessings of Eid greeting card by Ananya

2. Henna Decorated Candles

We have found some beautiful bespoke candles hand finished with natural henna and painted with coloured acrylics that have been personalised with Eid Mubarak. The range from Bespoke Henna created by the talented Farrah Azam comes in various intricate designs and sizes, with birds and flowers and includes candles with coloured rhinestones, as well as gorgeous vanilla scented candles and tea lights. Until the 31st August 2012,  all Ananya readers can take advantage of a fabulous 20% discount across the full range of Bespoke Henna candles, including the special Eid range. The offer excludes P&P which is £3.99 on a standard order and only available for delivery in the UK. Please use Code Ananya01 and visit the Bespoke Henna website to see the full range.

Eid, candles, henna

Henna candles by Bespoke Henna

3. Macaroons for Eid – an Ananya Bobo Collaboration

A first of its kind collaboration of Ananya with Bobo Macaroons luxuriously delicious macaroons to indulge your taste buds especially at Eid! Made with exotic flavours such as dates, figs, honey and almonds in rich and contrasting colours, they come with one of Ananya’s beautiful Eid cards and are packed in a box printed with Ananya’s design. A sweet collaboration and a must have! More details will be released soon, so please keep a look out…

Eid, Macaroons, Eid Mubarak

Macaroons for Eid – an Ananya Bobo Collaboration

4. Sizzling, Sparkling Jewellery

You can’t beat the wow factor of a sparkling piece of jewellery. And Swarovski know all about sizzle and sparkle when it comes to jewellery. They even have a wide selection of items on sale now, which means your budget could buy even more sizzle! We particularly like the geometric cufflinks for men and Pleasure star jewellery for ladies.

Cufflinks, Swarovski, Eid

Cufflinks by Swarovski

5. Gift Beauty Boxes with an Eastern Flavour

Nationwide retailer Body Shop is offering top-to-toe indulgence with their gift box called Moroccan Rose. It includes a Moroccan Rose eau de toilette, shower gel, body butter and body mist…heavenly! The gift box is decorated with an Eid Mubarak ribbon. If you want to try something different, they also have gift boxes that range from Japanese Cherry Blossom to Midnight Bakula, to Vanilla and Strawberry.

Body Shop, Eid gift

Body Shop Eid gift box

Which is your favourite gift idea? Have you seen any other lovely Eid gifts?

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