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From India With Love

August 20, 2012
Chanel make up

Bombay Express de Chanel make up

Chanel Bombay Express make up

Bombay Express de Chanel make up

Such is the enduring allure of India that time and again, top fashion and beauty houses have kept being drawn to its vast treasure chest of multi-faceted heritage for inspiration. India has never failed to deliver!

More than a hundred years ago Louis Boucheron, the French jeweller, had travelled to Rajasthan to purchase gems for his designs. Recently, Boucheron launched a fragrance in the shape of a bracelet called Jaipur Bracelet, in a soft pink bottle inspired by the ‘Pink City,’ Jaipur.

Boucheron fragrance

Jaipur bracelet by Boucheron

Clarins makeup

Clarins Enchanted makeup

Clarins, the Paris based company has a new line of cosmetics called Enchanted, inspired by the Hindu festival of colours called Holi, with each colour named after cities in India. Chanel, too, has created a limited edition line of cosmetics called Bombay Express de Chanel. The colours were given Indian names such as Diwali for a nail shade in gold. Diwali is the Indian ‘festival of lights’. These cosmetics were designed for Karl Lagerfeld’s pre-fall 2012 collection called the Paris-Bombay Métiers d’Art show, which was inspired by sumptuous Indian fabrics, sparkling with embellishments.

Aveda, which has worked with Ayurvedic doctors for decades, recently launched a new line of products for thinning hair called Invati (the Sanskrit for ‘invigorate’) which has become their best-selling hair care system globally.

The beauty of India’s heritage is that it can be adapted to fit perfectly into the modern context, making the ancient relevant and contemporary. This is what Ananya understands and excels at. Our Eastern heritage and on-going research allows us to create personal stationery, wedding stationery and greeting cards that have their essence rooted in the past, but have a very on trend appeal. Ananya offers exotic and contemporary designs to the discerning, cosmopolitan individual who is looking for a modern interpretation on an ancient culture.

Greeting card, Ananya

Greeting card by Ananya

Greeting card, Ananya

Greeting card by Ananya

What aspects of India have most impressed you? Do you use any Indian inspired products?

Latest News from Ananya

Ananya is delighted to announce that it has been nominated for the Wedding Industry Expert Best Invitations Award!

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