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The Black and Gold Invasion

December 7, 2012
Wedding invitation, Ananya

Invitation by Ananya

Jimmy Choo, Ananya

Jimmy Choo – Lolita black and gold suede sandals

From high street stores to elite fashion houses, designers worldwide have been seduced by the bold and dramatic combination of black and gold. The 2012 fall collections glitter with imaginative interpretations of these two strong colours that inject much needed razzle-dazzle into the colder and shorter days of winter.

Not only clothes, but accessories of all kinds are receiving the black and gold treatment. From Jimmy Choo with gold suede shoes to Salvatore Ferragamo and Gucci’s black and gold jewellery, to Giorgio Armani’s handbags, black and gold are the colours of choice.

Giorgio Armani, Ananya

Giorgio Armani clutch with Obsidian detail

Salvatore Ferragamo, Ananya

Salvatore Ferragamo bracelet

Gucci jewellery, Ananya

Gucci jewellery

Old is gold, and baroque is experiencing a grand revival. Mixing textures and patterns, embroidery on tapestry designs, dark velvets with ornate patterns in sparkling sequins – unapologetically opulent , exotic and festive, it’s right on cue as the festive season gets warmed up.

Ananya’s wedding and events stationery captures this black and gold fever to perfection. Our black and gold wedding invitation looks stunning alongside GC Couture’s 7 tiered wedding cake; each layer defined by a striking black and gold lace, and a swathe of gold-centred white flowers  draped around the cake – a perfect match.

Wedding invitation, Ananya

Floral Fantasy invitation by Ananya

Wedding invitation, Ananya

Orchid invitation by Ananya

Wedding cakes, Ananya

Madonna Cake by GC Couture

What black and gold faves have found their way into your heart and home?

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