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Ananya makes it easy for guys to pop the all-important question

January 28, 2013
Pink proposal greeting card will you marry me?, for engagements and Valentine's Day

Proposal greeting card by Ananya

Will you marry me love and proposal card for Valentine's Day

Proposal greeting card by Ananya

In a recent survey conducted by Ananya it has revealed that over 92% of gentlemen turn into a big, quivering, emotional wreck the moment they are about to propose and who can blame them?

Gents tend to start the marriage proposal by proclaiming their love for their girlfriend, maybe reminiscing about the time they met, special moments the couple have enjoyed together before landing the big question. But imagine if half way through his planned speech emotions and nerves take over and before you know it a ring is being forced onto your finger without you even hearing those all important words you have been dreaming to hear since you were a little girl; “Will you marry me?”

Well now, we have made it that little bit easier for gents to propose. Our unique new range of proposal cards not only serves an important purpose but they make for a cute keepsake item.

Pink heart Proposal will you marry me card for Valentine's Day

Proposal greeting card by Ananya

The proposal cards, left blank inside, are designed to help gents pen a meaningful poem, a love story, or maybe some personal sentiments, so no matter how nervous he gets at that all important moment, his new fiancée will always be able to treasure those precious words in a beautiful proposal card.

To make the proposal extra special, we have teamed up with luxury cake supplier GC Couture, who have created stunning proposal cakes ready for Valentine’s Day. Complete with a ‘Will you marry me?’ gift tag and cute dummy ring (which can be replaced with the real sparkler if you want to seal the deal), we reckon there’s only one answer for guys who serve this up for dessert: ‘YES!’

Proposal cake with diamond ringby GC Couture

Proposal cake by GC Couture

The ‘Pretty Proposal’ cards cost £5 and are available online.

The cost for a cake and card is £55 plus delivery.

How would you like to be proposed to? How were you proposed to? We would love to hear your stories…

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