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Ideas For A Destination Wedding

May 28, 2013

Just what is a destination wedding exactly?

We’d say that it’s really when you get married abroad somewhere. Maybe somewhere a little exotic… a little unusual.

You might be the type of bride and groom who’d like nothing better than to get married on a white sandy beach, with the warm blue sea lapping at your feet, palm trees shading you from the sun and an azure sky up above.

bride and groom on Italian lake

Or maybe you’re more the type who fancy a wedding in an Italian palazzo? With picture-perfect mountains in the background. Maybe a lake nearby. Delicious food and warm sultry nights.

pink passport stationeryWhatever you choose, it’s important to get the invitations and save the date cards sent off for your destination wedding as soon as you’ve decided on a date. Whilst it’s lovely for you to get married on distant shores, it probably means that your friends and family will have to make particular plans – and in fact they may decide to make your wedding day the basis of a holiday.

Ananya-28-sharp AnanyaWB-10

It’s elegant if your invitations reflect the style of your destination wedding and we have some sophisticated stationery options for you to choose. Here below are some invitations we created especially for a wedding in Mexico.

exotic wedding stationery Bespoke wedding

Afterwards, you could send out wedding thank you cards with photographs of the two of you together where you tied the knot.

couple walking hand in hand on stationery card

Top Tips For Your Destination Wedding

1.  If you’re marrying somewhere hot, you’ll need to rethink a heavy, detailed wedding frock and consider something lighter – companies like Dessy have specially designed destination bridal gowns that pack without crushing in beautiful, lightweight fabrics.

wedding bouquet made from jewellery

Jewel bouquet by Debbie Carlisle

2. For your flowers, you’ll need to consider what is available locally and what’s in season. There’ll probably be a wedding planner at your venue so talk about the colours and styles that appeal to you. Alternatively you could consider having a jewelled bouquet for the day – something which is certain to become a family heirloom.

3. You’ll also need to think about your hair. A stiff lacquered style would look out of place on a beach – so if you’re set on having an updo consider something less structured, less formal.

4. If you’re marrying on a beach, ditch the heels and go for manicured toes in flats or even flip flops.

5. A long veil won’t really work at a beach wedding – you could however go for a birdcage veil or just accessorise your hair with flowers.

Take a look at the Ananya Cards destination weddings board on Pinterest for some more ideas.

Are you having a destination wedding? Where are you planning on going?

Photo credits: Top image via Couples Resorts. Couple on lake via Best Wedding Away.

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