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Make it a Merry Christmas

December 8, 2013
Christmas, Harrods. ananyacards

Christmas at Harrods

Gingerbread cookies

Gingerbread tree cookies

The word Christmas conjures up a host of feelings and memories, sights and sounds; from mulled wine to mince pies, office parties to wrapping presents. Beyond the outward festivities and activities, however, Christmas is a time for families, for connecting, for giving and receiving. It is a chance for families to come closer, for businesses to thank employees and colleagues.

Brownies, ananyacards

Santa hat brownies via Maharani Weddings

Christmas also brings out our sense of compassion, our need to help those who deserve a helping hand – a time for generosity and contributing to others in whatever way we can.

As Christmas draws closer, the excitement is palpable – how are your preparations coming along? How many things on your list still remain to be ticked off?

The shops are decked in all their finery, every shop window beckoning us with its best offerings while sparkling street lights make us feel as if we have been transported into a fairy tale.

peacock, Christmas, ananyacards

Exotic peacock ornaments via The Big Fat Indian Wedding

At Ananya, we love Christmas; the bright colours, the scents and aromas, the beautiful displays which make all our senses come alive. The excitement of Christmas is reflected in our Christmas cards, which are full of colour and vibrancy. While using the traditional symbols of Christmas, like Christmas trees, snowflakes, baubles and stars, we have added our own unique interpretations and combinations to the traditional symbols, making them contemporary, bright and beautiful. Keeping in touch with friends and family, especially those who are far, or those you are not likely to meet is so important at Christmas. Have you sent out your cards yet?

Christmas card, ananyacards

Christmas card by Ananya

Christmas card, ananyacards

Christmas card by Ananya

Christmas card, ananyacards

Christmas card by Ananya

All of us at Ananya wish you a wonderful Christmas and all best wishes for 2014.

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