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How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways

February 5, 2014
Red heart card for Valentine's, Weddings or Anniversaries

Valentine’s card by Ananya

Heart greetings card

Valentine’s card by Ananya

Just a few days to go before Valentine’s Day! What does it mean to you this year? Are you hoping to be proposed to? Have you just fallen in love? How will this Valentine’s Day be different? No matter how you choose to celebrate, communicating your love for each other is vital. We all love to know how special we are and how much we are loved. The written word has tremendous impact and it endures – it can be read again and again. Giving your loved one a romantic card is a wonderful way to express exactly what they mean to you. Ananya has created a variety of lovely cards just for that purpose. If you are planning to propose on Valentine’s Day, we have special Proposal cards. We have unusual ways to propose and ask that all important question.

Pink proposal greeting card will you marry me?, for engagements and Valentine's Day

Pretty Proposal greeting card by Ananya

Pink heart Proposal will you marry me card for Valentine's Day

Proposal greeting card by Ananya

If you’re looking for a card that perfectly conveys your feelings, we have a great selection for you to choose from. Whatever else you give your beloved on Valentine’s Day, always accompany it with a card!

We have also designed 12 Little Letters of Love note cards, perfect as a Valentine’s gift which can then be used throughout the year. These are 12 love messages to slip into her handbag, his briefcase, under her pillow, his wallet – just use your imagination! Love by Surprise!

cute, romantic love notecards

Little Letters of Love by Ananya

romantic love notecards

Little Letters of Love by Ananya

There are lots of ways to be creative on Valentine’s Day – from baking cute cupcakes and cookies to decorating the home with flowers and hearts. Check out our Pinterest board for some great ideas.

valentine ideas with hearts, cookies, crafts and flowers

Valentine’s Pinterest board

What new and exciting ways have you thought of to celebrate this day, dedicated to love?

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