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What is Eid? (Enter our competition to win Eid cards)

July 2, 2014
Eid greeting card, eid mubarak

‘Exuberance of Nature’ Eid greeting card by Ananya



‘Beauty of Nature’ Eid greeting card by Ananya

 Eid ul Fitr: End of fasting, beginning of feasting

Eid ul Fitr, meaning the Festival of breaking fast, is one of two very important religious festivals celebrated by Muslims (the other being Eid ul Adha). It is a time of great rejoicing and marks the end of Ramadan and a month of fasting. Beginning with the sighting of the new moon its exact time varies according to the location it is being observed from.

Breaking fast Rising early and having a light breakfast of sweet food such as dates, Muslim men dress in their best clothes and attend a special prayer and sermon. Before attending the prayer, however, each Muslim must pay Zakat al Fitr, a donation for the month of Ramadan, which can be in the form of money or food.

A feast for the eyes and taste buds Women take great pride in decorating their homes and laying on a feast, including ‘sivai’ – a special sweet made with vermicelli and cooked in milk and sugar. This is an occasion for them to dress in all their finery, decorate their hands with henna and look glamorous.

Cakes for Eid

Colourful and Festive


Stylish and Sumptuous!

Giving and receiving

Eid ul Fitr is a day for giving gifts, starting with the children. In addition to receiving gifts from parents, children also get money, called ‘eddi’ from elders. Daughters are not forgotten in the gift giving, and brothers go to their married sisters with ‘sivai’ (special sweet), and presents which may include clothes, money and jewellery.

Breathtakingly Beautiful and Intricate!


Greetings for Eid 

Ananya’s fabulous range of Eid greeting cards incorporate beautiful designs with the bright and joyous colours of festivity. They can be hand embellished with crystals to make them sparkle and twinkle – a perfect way to wish your friends and loved ones Eid Mubarak as you exchange gifts and wishes for their good fortune.

Eid Card_AWE1201

‘Symbols of Infinity’ Eid greeting card by Ananya


Eid ul Fitr 2014 falls on July 29. Beginning with the sighting of the new moon, its exact time varies according to the location it is being observed from.

Enter our competition to win Eid cards.

Simply tell us: What was your most memorable Eid? What made it so special?

We’ve 2 sets of 10 Eid Cards in some of our beautiful designs to give away to two lucky winners. Just visit the Ananya Cards Facebook page and tell us about your most memorable Eid. If you like, you can post a picture too.. We’ll then choose the two descriptions that we liked the most. Good luck!

Image Credits: Invitations by Ananya, Colourful and festive cakes by Stylish and sumptuous dress by Brass lamps by

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