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Christmas Baubles – Stealing the Limelight

December 6, 2014

Christmas Cheer by Ananya


It is almost impossible to think of decorating Christmas trees without baubles – they are a must-have accessory in Christmas tree decorations. The variety of baubles available, and their elaborate interpretations is truly staggering!


Baubles & Stars by Ananya


When did it begin?

It is believed that Prince Albert and Queen Victoria were influential in creating a fashion for glass baubles and other decorations for adorning Christmas trees. Originating in Germany, they soon became popular in England. The first Christmas tree was set up at Windsor Castle in 1841 and this soon became a much loved and fashionable custom.


Golden Glamour by Ananya


In celebration and appreciation of the Christmas bauble over more than a century, we at Ananya have created a range of beautiful, colourful bauble cards, ready to send to your friends and loved ones for Christmas. All cards can be embellished upon request.


Pink & White Fantasy by Ananya


How will you be bringing the spirit of Christmas into your home?

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