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A Guide to Announcing Your Engagement

December 27, 2014


Pretty Proposal card by Ananya

Pretty Proposal card by Ananya

So the moment you’ve probably dreamed of all your life finally arrived, and you said ‘YES’ to the BIG question. You’re engaged, you’re on cloud nine and can’t wait to tell the world about it. Here we guide you through the different ways to do it, and suggest which way is best for whom.

  1. In Person

Start with those closest and dearest to you first. If this is your first marriage, your parents should be told first, and if they are within reach, they should be told face to face. It not only shows your respect for them, but allows them to share in your happiness in a much more personal way. It will make them feel involved right away!

If this is not a first marriage for either of you, then any children from a previous marriage should be told first, then parents and close members of the family as well as special friends.

    2.  On the Telephone

Call as many of the rest of the family and friends as is practical. People always appreciate a personal phone call for special announcements. They can hear the excitement in your voice and can express their excitement and enthusiasm with you.

  1. By Post

If you have fixed the wedding date, you can send out save-the-date cards. This will announce your engagement as well as let all your invitees know the date and particulars of the wedding so they can make preparations. If you have not yet set the wedding date, we think that writing to each person individually or sending out engagement notes with a little handwritten remark and signed personally by you would be a really nice way to make the announcement.

    4.  By Email

Many couples these days are opting to send out announcements via email. For friends and family who live abroad or who travel a lot, it is a convenient way for them to be told. However, email communication can seem a bit dry and impersonal for such a major announcement. At Ananya we feel that the all-important personal touch that a hand written note conveys is well worth the time and effort, and people really appreciate an individual card rather than mass communication – after all, it’s a very special announcement!

    5.  Through Social Media

While Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are also possible ways to announce your engagement, they should only be used for casual acquaintances. Everyone else should be informed by one of the methods above.

    6.  Throwing an Engagement Party

A great and fun way to let lots of people know and share in the excitement is to throw an engagement party. You can either let the guests know that it’s an engagement party or you can keep it a secret and make a ‘surprise’ announcement at the party. If you’re lucky, your parents may be happy to host the party for you under some pretext so your guests do not suspect the real reason for the party.

    7.  Newspaper Announcement

Here is another way to make sure that anyone you have not thought of or people from your past that you have lost contact with can get your news. Make sure you call the newspaper to check their requirements in terms of photos, content and who writes it, whether you want the announcements multiple times, as well as the pricing.

As you can see, there are various choices open to you, so go ahead and spread your happiness!

If you are planning to propose but have not yet done so, Ananya has some very pretty proposal cards.

Good Luck! Let us know what announcement methods worked best for you.

Pretty Proposal card by Ananya

Pretty Proposal Card by Ananya




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